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Write the first section of your page here. I just saw man of steel , The Clark dude looked way 2 much like Ethan crane ! Superman vs.the molemen was better !

But it did make me think , how aybout Sheridan crane as power girl , in a Moovee ? & that charity girl Wood make a hot super girl ! & original chad wood Make an interesting Luke cage  ! But is brian touch 2 old 2 b iron-fist ?

I want another star trek !

Susie plakson could star in it !

Shay astar could play her dawter ,

Katie Anne Stuart could be shay,s lezbein luvir

In the storry ! Robert Ito can play the principal

Of the star fleet school on the moon ! & khrystyne

Hage could be the governor of the moon !

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Write the second section of your page here. Khrystyne hage isn,t 2 old 2 play Mia in the noo

Space:1999 , is she ? IDE like 2 see Tom cruise & Maybe heather langenkamp star in the noo Space:1999 ! Thay could du it as a moovee , if it's cheaper than duing it as a show !

All the marvel & d.c. Comic moovees are starting 2 look played out ! So !

Sumboddy should du a freak force moovee !with :

Paul micheal gosselar as mightyman , & Mario Lopez as super patriot & Elizabeth Berkeley as dart & Shay astar as rikohshay & Corey Feldman as killcat & Lisa turtle as rapture & maybe Lou ferigno as savage dragon!