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In thuh year :3003 : all doctor,s offices are now needul-free ! & thair is no mor Jim-classes at skool , & even thuh pope sez that multipul marriages are kool ! But u can't git mayo . B-cuz it givs u mayo rage ! & we r now living in thuh no mayo age ! B-cuz feelix thuh cat cartoons r now colorized !& thuh noo breckfast fad is water melon pies !& algebra has bin band frum all skools , & evrey-wunz houses now hav swimming pools ! ... Ime a poet , frum thuh stars ! 

I du not smoke or go 2 bars & I like spelling wirds x-zackley like thay sound , & staying home win green-ied japannese girls r ayround !... heading==

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Avril lavigne didn,t get her awards ! Because Nora jones got seven frum sum wackoe judging bords ! It kynda makes it hard 4 avril 2 let her colors show ,& after Blair witch two , wair did tristine skylar Go ? Sum p-pul say she,s hangingout with Erica Kane ! Ime so glad she didn,t take a ride on Peter tomarken,s aero-plane !peter tomarken crashed his plane ! Bob Collins crashed his plane too ! Robert kenneddey crashed his plane!but Darryl Hannah made it thrue !